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Embrace Your natural beauty

At the heart of our vision lies a commitment to providing essential solutions that address the specific needs of Asian skin. We aim to develop innovative formulations rooted in advanced skincare science. Our vision extends beyond cosmetic enhancements; it's about enhancing the health of Asian skin, promoting resilience, and unlocking its inherent radiance. Let our skincare products nurture your natural beauty, giving you the confidence to shine.

Made Locally by Global Awarded ingredients

More than two years research and development process, AM Skincare Beauty developed it own signature skincare product line by sourcing natural ingredients globally. Considering a high standard of quality assurances and quality control, AM set its product line are made in Hong Kong locally. Coming with much love and confidents with the products.

Focus on Asian Skin Type

The products are designed for Asian sensitive skin type and it also suitable to use for all seasons over the year. Especially in the high humidity living environment, AM products can keep your skin fresh and hydrated.


Powered by SeaBalance 2000™

The world's first seaweed-based cosmetic emulsifier. It delivers performance like that of a synthetic emulsifier while being completely natural. After a gentle process of rinsing and drying, the dried Sargassum pulp is sent to extract all valuable components of the seaweed and make SeaBalance. SeaBalance is an award-winning, natural emulsifier that does not compromise on performance.

SeaBalance 2000 is the bronze winner of in-cosmetics Global's ‘Green Ingredient’ award in 2023. This ingredient is used in one of our featured product - Natural V-Facial Cream. This product and ingredient has undergone patch testing and has been confirmed safe for use.

More love to babies

Baby Skincare essential

AM has formulated a specially crafted baby-oriented skincare product to provide extra care to babies' skin. One of the highlighted ingredient, Meadowfoam has been used in the Natural Baby Face Cream.

Meadowfoam effectively nourishes and protects a baby's delicate skin, and alleviates dryness and sensitivity. Furthermore, meadowfoam is rich in antioxidants, aiding in the relief of skin inflammation and redness while promoting the repair and regeneration of skin cells. Additionally, meadowfoam exhibits antibacterial and antifungal characteristics, contributing to the maintenance of a baby's skin cleanliness and overall health.

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